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SBCA Will Be Featuring Three Workshops on March 14th: 

1.    Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis

 Retrospective analysis is now strongly encouraged under Executive Order 13563 for significant federal regulations, and is increasingly advocated in many other policy contexts in the United States and internationally. This workshop brings together four leading experts with diverse perspectives to discuss both the institutional context for these analyses and their conduct.

2.    A Voice Crying in the Wilderness? Techniques for Promoting the Use of Evidence and BCA Results to Policymakers

This workshop will train participants on ways to effectively bring BCA results and related evidence to government officials in the fast-paced policy process and to help build a culture of evidence use within the executive and legislative branches.

3.  Valuing Changes in Health and Longevity in Benefit-Cost Analysis

Improved health and longevity are the major goals of many interventions and programs, and often account for the majority of the quantified benefits of environmental, health, and safety policies and regulations. In this workshop, we will discuss the underlying concepts, the methods used for valuation, and the application of the results as well as related guidance.



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The annual meeting of the SBCA membership will take place during the conference, on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. at the GWU Marvin Center. All members are encouraged to attend, whether or not you plan to otherwise attend the conference. SBCA's Leadership will be sharing reports on major activities from the past year, finances, future plans, and other items of importance to the membership. 

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On Balance: Teachable Moments in Benefit-Cost Analysis: From Obama to Trump

By Elisabeth Gilmore

On Balance: Teachable Moments in Benefit-Cost Analysis: From Obama to Trump

As a teacher of benefit-cost analysis (BCA), I find that current events often provide "teachable moments". The review by the current administration of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a cornerstone of the Obama era climate change regulations, is one such event. Federal regulations that may have significant impacts on segments of the economy are subject to an assessment that contains a BCA. The CPP adopted under the Obama administration was accompanied by a finding that benefits exceeded costs. However, the revised estimates produced by the Trump administration indicate that costs exceed benefits. Each year, many students in my class question the usefulness of BCA in promoting good policy, often asking whether the BCA framework is too flexible, and therefore meaningless. Does this example support their skepticism? I am anticipating some tough questions from my students and here’s how I plan to answer them.

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2018 Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Workshop in Stockholm

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis will co-sponsor a CBA workshop in Stockholm in April 2018. The conference will address issues in CBA as a basis for decision-making. The prime focus is on challenges for transport sector CBA, but in addition environmental applications as well as several generic subjects will be covered.

This workshop is open to members that would like attend. 

When: 25-26 April 2018
Where: V2, Teknikringen 76, KTH, Stockholm (Map)
Registration fee: 1000 SEK which includes coffees, lunch-box and buffet dinner.

Registration deadline April 16. 

Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis Fall Issue

The Fall 2017 issue of the JBCA features the following
  • "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? The New U.S. Regulatory Budgeting System in Light of the  International Experience" by Andrea Renda
  • Symposium on Benefit-Cost Analysis of Policing Practices:
    • "Benefit-Cost Analysis of Public Safety: Facing the Methodological Challenges" by Maria Ponomarenko and Barry Friedman (Open Access)
    • "Closing the Gap: The Need for Inclusive Benefit-Cost Analysis in Policing" by Ryan Fackler, Christopher Henrichson, Elizabeth Jànszky, and S. Rebecca Neusteter
    • "Benefit-Cost Analysis in Policing Research: Assessing Crime-Control Benefits of Proactive Enforcement Practices" by Amanda Geller
    • "Evaluating Proactive Police Units: A Case Study of Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis with Nonexperimental Data" by Rebecca Goldstein
    • "Estimating the Effects of Police Technology Using Quasi-Experimental Methods" by Jillian B. Carr
    • "The Social Cost of a Racially Targeted Police Encounter" by Mark A. Cohen
    • "Estimation of Broad-Scale Tradeoffs in Community Policing Policies" by Richard T. Carson and Jordan J. Louviere
All SBCA members receive complimentary access to the JBCA through the SBCA Memberleap portal; please contact us with any questions.

SBCA Newsletter - March 2018