January 2017
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2017 SBCA Memberships Now Available!

Become a new member or renew your membership for 2017 now. Please note that all 2016 memberships expired on December 31, 2016 unless renewed for 2017. 

Members receive the following benefits:
  • Discounted registration for the Society’s annual conference
  • Complementary digital access to the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Submission of papers to the SBCA Working Paper Series
  • Announcements about Society events and reduced fees (where applicable)
  • Access to member contact information
Visit our membership page for more information and to become a new member or renew your membership today!

SBCA Membership Meeting 2017

The annual meeting of the SBCA membership will take place during our conference, on Friday, March 17, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. at the GWU Marvin Center. We encourage all members to attend, whether or not you plan to otherwise attend the conference, and will be sharing reports on our major activities from the past year, finances, future plans and other items of importance to the membership. 

Thank you to our 2017 Organizational Affiliates

  • The Brattle Group
  • Econometrica, Inc.*
  • The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center*
  • Industrial Economics, Incorporated*
  • NERA Economic Consulting*
* Charter affiliates

  • Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley
  • Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • LaFollette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Vanderbilt University's Ph.D. Program in Law & Economics
If your organization was an affiliate last year, please remember to renew your membership.

Please visit our membership page for information about becoming a 2017 Organizational Affiliate and for a list of past Affiliates.

Early Bird Conference and Workshop Registration Ends Soon

Register today to join us for the 2017 SBCA Conference and Workshops from March 15-17, 2017, in Washington, DC! Early bird registration closes on January 31, so please register today to take advantage of lower prices.

Conference Registration

Workshop Registration

We are excited to announce that this year's program will feature a keynote address by Katharine G. Abraham, Professor of Economics and Survey Methodology, University of Maryland and Chair, Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. She will speak on the topic of "Improving the Evidence Base for Government Decisions."

The preliminary conference program is now available on the conference webpage. If you have any questions, please contact sbcainfo@uw.edu.

Opportunities for conference sponsorship, advertising and exhibit tables are also available through the conference registration link. More details about registration timing, prices and workshop descriptions are available on our website

We look forward to seeing you in March!

Successful Sessions at at SEA, SRA, and WEAI Conferences

SBCA recently co-sponsored program sessions at the meetings of the Southern Economic Association (SEA), Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), and Western Economic Association International (WEAI). More information is available on our website.

Thank you to all who participated by presenting, organizing sessions, visiting our exhibit tables or attending sessions!

Latest Issue of Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis

The Fall 2016 issue of the JBCA is now available and includes the following:
  • “Process, Ideology and Willingness to Pay for Reducing Childhood Poverty” by Semra Ozdemir, F. Reed Johnson, and Dale Whittington (Open Access) 
  • “The Merits of Universal Scholarships: Benefit-Cost Evidence from the Kalamazoo Promise” by Timothy J. Bartik, Brad Hershbein, and Marta Lachowska (Open Access) 
  • “Are Current U.S. Anti-Bullying Programs Net Beneficial to Parents? Inferences from School Switching” by Mark D. Agee and Thomas D. Crocker (Free Access for 30 days) 
  • “Contingent Valuation and the Policymaking Process: An Application to Used Nuclear Fuel in the United States” by Deven Carlson, Joseph Ripberger, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Carol Silva, Kuhika Gupta, Robert Berrens, and Benjamin Jones 
  • “Green Roof Cost Benefit Analysis: Special Emphasis on Scenic Benefits” by Väinö Nurmi, Athanasios Votsis, Adriaan Perrels, and Susanna Lehvävirta 
  • ”Regulatory Process, Regulatory Reform, and the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis” by Jerry Ellig and Rosemarie Fike
To access the Cambridge Press website for this issue and previous issues of the JBCA, please visit our page. All SBCA members receive complimentary access to the JBCA; please contact us with any questions.

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SBCA Board Election Results

The Society is pleased to announce the results of its annual election. We welcome several distinguished practitioners and scholars to our Board. We are grateful for all those who agreed to be on the ballot, as well as all the members who participated in the voting process. Please join us in congratulating the Society’s recently elected officers and new Board members for 2017. 

Full biographies for each new member and officer are available here. The 2017 President is Lynn Karoly of RAND Corporation.
  • Don Kenkel (Cornell University), Vice President (2017, automatically succeeds to President in 2018)
  • Ali Gungor (US Coast Guard), Assistant Treasurer (2017, automatically succeeds to Treasurer in 2018)
  • Massimo Florio (University of Milan), Board Member
  • Fran Sussman (ICF International), Board Member

Publication Opportunity

Call for proposals for modules/short chapters about Teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis (TBCA). 

Scott Farrow, editor of this forthcoming book from Edward Elgar, seeks additional contributors to join Arnold Harberger, Susan Dudley, David Weimer, Nicholas Treich and about a dozen more outstanding authors who plan contributions. A half page proposal is requested to Farrow@umbc.edu by April 1.

The full modules, due by early summer, are ideally 7-10 pages to provide BCA teachers with a core of material on a key conceptual, quantitative or case study topic. Examples already being planned include: The History of Harberger Triangles, Identifying a Market Failure, Alternative Decision Rules for BCA, Simulation, etc. There will likely be 5 or so additional modules selected from proposals for inclusion in the book. Please contact Scott Farrow at the address above with any questions and proposals.
SBCA Newsletter - January 2017